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Using TMS to Treat Epilepsy

Around 65 millions of people around the world suffer from the neurological disorder known as epilepsy. In the United States alone, it affects about 3 millions of Americans.

Hereditary Epilepsy

Epilepsy relates to our 500 genes and hereditary has some factor in developing the disorder. The low threshold is more vulnerable to triggering seizures in adverse reaction or in high threshold has a low capacity to seizures. A higher threshold means a person will less likely to have seizures.

The probability someone has epilepsy is fairly low; which generally means that epileptic parents will not give birth to epileptic children. An estimation of acquiring epilepsy by 20 years old is about 1% or 1 in every 100 people. In case of genetics, people who have epileptic parents may have an increased risk of 2% to 5% of developing the disease.

Epilepsy Identification

Epilepsy can be a recurrent activity of the brain seizures and experts characterized it as a chronic disorder or it can be a sudden electrical movement in the brain. Two types of seizures are seen first, general seizures the whole brain activity affected. Second, partial seizures or a part of the brain is affected which can last for a few seconds without realizing it happening.

Seizures that are characterized as mild will not be recognized for it usually last just a few seconds. Some can distinguish with several effects such as spasm, muscle twitches in a longer period of times. While strong seizures can cause loss of consciousness of this has great effects like memory loss.

Seizure Triggers

Several factors come into play in triggering seizures including having a high fever, trauma such as an accident that affects the head or brain, hyperglycosuria or low sugar level or even alcohol withdrawal.

What triggers an epileptic seizure?

Situations and some conditions in life and other factors such as sleeping disorder, diseases like fever, over fatigue or stress, taking alcohol, some drugs that can trigger seizures, overeating or lack of eating or some food ingredients that can have chemicals to triggers seizures.

Developing epilepsy or identifying the exact triggers is hard to distinguish. It may be a combination of different factors. A good way to identifying such triggers needs undivided attention of keeping in touch in different activities of the patients, concerning what are the situations happened, or through the smells, unusual sights, factors that accumulate stress, eating habits, sleeping habits and how the overwork manifested in the whole day.

You can also use your seizure journal to determine if your medications are working. Note how you felt just before and just after your seizure, and any side effects.

Through keeping records, it may help to determine what kind of medicines are going to take, as well as document to effects on the patient before and after. It may be useful in adjusting your medications or exploring other treatments.

As a common neurological disorder, epilepsy comes in various forms. Treatments include many antiepileptic medications that can control seizures well. However, these medications are not for everyone, some people suffer frequently from the adverse effects of these drugs. Some medical professionals often recommend surgery for patients with uncontrollable seizures. But surgeries is an invasive procedure and not suitable for all people. Today, the medical community knows too well the need to develop a safer alternative treatment for epilepsy.

TMS is Safer

With the success of TMS in treating the major depressive disorder, many believed that it can be a safer alternative treatment for epilepsy. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is now advisable and in demand procedure in treating seizures and offers a safe way and non-surgical way of methods of treatment. Research studies that it can be effective down to the brain for possible treatment; it reduced magnetic currents to modulate the brain activity to lessen seizures.

TMS for epilepsy will reduce seizures frequency compared to other treatment. It gives a good quality of life and enhances one brain capabilities in seizures into normal life condition. Brain electrographic tests give a brain a tendency an antiepileptic medication for all types of seizures and against its side effects.

Even Experimental Tests are Safer

Experiments of TMS can lessen the seizures compared to other available conventional treatments. As of the present, there are 4 of trials regarding TMS. Researchers are able to attest that TMS doesn’t have life-threatening side effects compared to other medications or procedure. The only notable side effect is a headache which eventually eases out. During the course of experimental research, TMS proved a safer and affordable way of making a good quality of life. TMS gives another light of hope for people suffering from epilepsy.

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