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Depression Treatment with TMS Changes Lives and Mind


The most effective way to overcome depression is to change the mindset and that is more complex than changing a wet diaper on your baby! Experts and specialists have done volumes research on the treatment methods and come out with every possible solution one can expect from modern medicine and psychiatry. But still, more than three million Americans suffer from clinical depression.

We may not be able to find answers to why in all the cases, but we can at least start thinking of a long-lasting solution to the problems.

Depression Treatment with TMS Changes Lives and Mind
Depression Treatment with TMS Changes Lives and Mind

Conventional Treatments and Medications

Antidepressants and conventional treatments seem to consider depression as a chemical reaction that has gone wrong at some point in time. Hence almost all the treatments are focused on the restoration of this “chemical balance” within the brain from the start of the medications and treatments.

Antidepressants can suppress the reaction of the Amygdala part of the brain and deactivate the neurotransmitters that create and spread depression. Clinical depression is an initial symptom of the psychological disorder that may push a person to the heights of insanity and attempted suicides.

Conventional treatments of clinical depression may result in temporary relief to the suffering patients. They may feel relief from depression and their hypersensitive neurotransmitters may calm down. But there are side effects.

What are the Main Side Effects of Conventional Treatments?

Sedation, loss of concentration and focus, lethargy, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, inability to consumed and digest food, are some of the most common side effects of depression treatments and conventional medications like antidepressants.

The probability of getting addicted to antidepressants and other drugs may also push the patients towards increased tolerance to such medications. Once they are out of treatments, the probability of turning to narcotic drugs and alcohol for depression could also be higher than ever before.

What is TMS and how does it Work

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an FDA approved treatment for healing depression for those patients who have tried the conventional treatments before and failed to get desired results. The most significant aspect of TMS is its side-effect free methods that are harmless to the brain and the mind of the patients.

TMS doesn’t use sedatives to suppress depressive feelings and it is free from all forms of anesthetic elements that the conventional treatments use. TMS is non-invasive and doesn’t need surgical or medication procedures.

TMS and Electromagnetic Induction

TMS works on the principles of electromagnetic induction with the help of low-intensity electric current and magnetic fields. The main objective of treatment is the activation of neural systems within the human brain.

Application of and magnetic pulses to the Amygdala section of the brain using TMS can activate the motor cortex part of the brain and heal the neural pathways that may create the waves of depression. Hence it is considered to be a long term solution that works effectively.

How TMS Increases Remission and Response Rate

The remission rate is the condition in which the symptoms related to depression get healed to the maximum possible extent. Once the symptoms heal, the effects of depression also go away. The response rate is the speed at which a patient’s body and brain heal after taking the treatments.

According to Dr. Robert Sammons of TMS solutions, the observed remission rate has been more than 50% and the response rate has been more than 80% among the patients taking TMS. It has been so effective that almost all the patients undergoing major depressive disorders have found desired solutions.

Remission and response rates are high with TMS because it has the best Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP) that can heal the depression disorder of the highest levels. The healing of lesions within the neurotransmitters and parts of Amygdala can have long term benefits for the patients.

TMS therapy for Depression has changed the lives of not just the patients, but also those of family, friends, and colleagues of the patients who have been the victims of their behavioral disorders.

 How long is the TMS Healing Process

The initial TMS treatments are for five days per week. It may last for six weeks (approx 30 sessions) According to Sammons the treatment can start producing results within the first year for more than 50% of the patients. It is stated to be high compared to 8% of healing among patients who chose conventional treatments like antidepressants.

What is the Cost of TMS Treatments

The average lifetime cost of TMS treatments has been proved to be much less than conventional treatments, therapies, and antidepressant medications. Advancements in technology may further reduce costs in the future.

Who Specializes in TMS Solutions

TMS Solutions is the only authentic and authorized private and civilian TMS provider at present. The company has been actively involved in the treatment of veterans through the Veterans Administration, disabled veterans, and active military personnel.

TMS Solutions provides effective and efficient solutions to depression and PTSD related disorders. Using of specific protocols recommended by the FDA and department of defense has been the most practical aspect of TMS that has resulted in increasing remission and response rates among the critically and chronically affected patients all over the USA.

According to Sammons; his clinic has done long term high-intensity researches on the adolescent study of the depression disorder among patients. According to him, the other sites include The Mayo Clinic, Brown University Medical School, Ohio State Medical School, University of Florida Medical School, and Sheppard Pratt.

What are the Future Plans for TMS

According to Sammons; the scope of TMS solutions could expand to include a vast range of neurodegenerative disorders and diseases that the conventional medications and treatments may not heal. Some of the most chronic conditions may include traumatic brain damages and strokes.


TMS works because it changes the neurological waves that are produced by the brain which we call the mind. It doesn’t try to alter any chemical reactions related to the Amygdala or the neurotransmitters; rather it changes and heals the electromagnetic patterns that may cause depression and suicidal tendencies. Moreover, there are no side effects of the TMS treatments.


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