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Bio Sound Therapy For Depression In Florida

Over the years, conventional treatment method began losing its luster as many people seek out safer,
non-invasive and non-systemic treatment for various mental health problems. Most patients seek out
alternative treatments that can help them recover without the adverse effects of medications and other
pharmaceuticals before starting their conventional addiction treatment. One alternative is gaining its
momentum as a promising treatment for people suffering from substance abuse disorders or mental
health problem – the Bio Sound therapy.

What is Bio Sound Therapy?

Many never heard of Bio Sound Therapy before, but once they experience this new technique of
medical treatment, they instantly became hooked with it. This involves a simple and painless use of
vibration patterns – vibrations that can both be heard and seen. The sole purpose of vibrations is to put
the entire nervous system in a state of complete relaxation. Not just to have a good night sleep but one
that can actually slow the heartbeat into a deep and peaceful state.

Biosound Therapy uses sound, music, guided imagery, and biofeedback that trigger a natural way of
putting the patient in a meditative state. Once the patient goes into this state, their mind is more
susceptible in listening to positive affirmations that greatly affects them on a subconscious level.

Anyone can undergo Biosound therapy but it will be particularly effective for people suffering from
substance abuse or drug addiction and or depression.

The technique may appear a bit unusual but many addiction experts will attest to in the vibration technique in helping patients recover from their disorders. It’s a holistic
method of therapy, stimulating the senses and leading it to a deep state of relaxation through the use of
vibrations and sound waves without any ‘side effects’.

Many Uses For Treating Anxiety & Depression

Experts consider Biosound therapy as an effective treatment of anxiety and depression, but because it
does not elicit any side effects, many experimented with its use. Today, Biosound therapy is seen to
show great promise as a treatment for substance used disorders. We work with Detox of South Florida for addiction treatment so if you are looking for a great addiction program check them out.

Several types of research show that mental health disorders and substance use disorder are often times
for co-occurring conditions, starting out from the same chemical imbalance within the region of the
brain. Taking that into consideration, Biosound therapy cannot only treat depression and anxiety it can
also help with the withdrawal pains through meditations. Biosound therapy can be beneficial for
patients seeking out safer and effective treatment alternative.

During Biosound Therapy

During Bio Sound Therapy, the patient is seated comfortably in a chair like a dentist’s chair and covered
with a specialized blanket. Medical health professional ensures the safety of the patients and that they
are very much comfortable in every step of the therapy. A Medical care professional speak with the
patient whenever they are ready to begin the treatment, and assists them to lie down comfortably and
encourages them.

Then they place a Biosound sensor glasses which display guided imagery to further
help them relax. As the patients see the images, they can also listen to ‘binaural beats’, the beats are
known to alter brain waves and makes the brain more receptive to positive affirmations. While the
patients are lying down and listening to these beats, the specialized bed makes soothing vibrations
similar to a massage which helps the patient achieve their meditative state. Many patients love how
Biosound therapy can help them manage their disorders while having this kind of soothing, relaxing, and
comfortable method of treatment.

Even with just one trial, many patients look forward to their next Biosound therapy because they can
immediately feel the relief of some of their symptoms that are otherwise difficult to achieve without the
aid of pharmaceuticals.

Patients suffering from depression and anxiety disorders experience difficulty in managing their daily
stressors. With the help of Biosound therapy, they can learn how to be in tune with it which lets them
manage it. Furthermore, people recovering from substance abuse can have excruciating experience
because of withdrawal symptoms but Biosound therapy can play an important role in reducing their
exaggerated sensations. Once they overcome withdrawal symptoms, they can now focus on their

Long-Term Effects of Biosound Therapy

Biosound therapy has a great positive impact on the patient’s lives, it helps them recover, deal, and
manage with their disorders without being tied taking pharmaceuticals and other medication stigmas.
The more they receive Biosound therapy, the less they feel cravings for drugs and alcohol. In each
treatment session, patients gain more confidence facing their demons rather than seeing themselves as
a suffering addict.

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