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5 Steps to Take If Someone You Love Is Considering Suicide


5 Steps to Take If Someone You Love Is Considering Suicide. Why would anybody want to commit suicide at all? What circumstances can push a person to end the most precious gift that is called life? Life has its ups and downs for everyone with its unpredictable surprises and shocks. A person may become hopeless and feel helpless at times.

Suicide is the highest misconception of life to end all the miseries and misfortunes that may loom large over a person’s mindset. It doesn’t occur overnight since the human mind is designed to keep survival as the most basic instinct that drives life. But still, the rate of suicides and attempted suicides across the USA may stun your imagination.

Every year approximately 43,000 people kill themselves by committing suicide and 25 times these numbers either think of it or make an attempt to commit suicide. It may sound crazy to you, but that is the height of insanity that is driving people to wish and end their precious lives, isn’t it?

5 Steps to Take If Someone You Love Is Considering Suicide
5 Steps to Take If Someone You Love Is Considering Suicide

1.   Observe and Listen to the Tell-Tale Signs

The idea of suicide doesn’t occur overnight to a person who is devastated by life’s unfavorable circumstances. Let’s assume for a moment that one of your friends is depressed and you may feel he could be contemplating suicide.

You can look for tell-tale signs from his behavior within the family, friends, community, college/school/workplace and other places where he visits regularly. There are certain basic things you need to observe that may include

  1. Substance or alcohol addiction
  2. Hallucinations and delusions
  3. Failures in personal and /or professional life
  4. Devastating financial loss
  5. Symptoms of hopelessness /depression/anxiety/resentments
  6. Psychiatric disorders
  7. Family history of suicide

The most compelling element that can push a person to have a suicidal tendency could be substance or alcoholic addition. It can destroy a person spiritually and morally into shreds and push him repeatedly towards attempting suicide.

If you can observe any of the 7 symptoms in your friend, the possibility of a suicide attempt will be high shortly. Now, it is time for you to get involved and show compassion.

You Can’t Do It Alone

If you feel your instincts are right, it is time to seek help from a reputed depression treatment center in Florida to extend support to your friend. It may not be possible for you to get into a discussion over a cup of coffee with him and try to solve the problem. He may become nervous and get aloof from you.

Consult Family and Seek Professional Help

What you can do is to consult his family members and try to explain the symptoms, but never tell them he may be contemplating suicide. They may panic and put him into the worst possible conditions that may accelerate his suicidal attempts.

Seeking professional help from a psychologist can help you to talk with your friend and share the experiences of others. Maybe you could relate such people’s experiences and tell him how they came out of suicidal tendencies.

You Should Win His Trust First

Winning his trust is one thing that helps to solve more than 50% of the problems. Once that is done, he may open up his mind and talk with you freely. Let him speak without any judgments and interpretations. Listen and let him know that you are interested in finding a solution to his problems by working together.

Advice is Something You MUST AVOID

Avoid advising him and don’t pretend you are the perfect guide or a savior sent from the heavens. He can’t and won’t take advice. He may start resenting you or go into a cocoon shell once again. Make a list of all the points that may push him to the end.

2.   Put Things into Action Immediately

Once you have listened and understood the problem, it is time to take action since that is the magic word that works wonders. Speak to the psychologist and ask for advice regarding how you can help your friend.

If he is an addict or an alcoholic, he may require physical Detox first. Many Detox and Rehab centers may remove the toxic substances and alcohol from his body and brain to make them clear. Once you do that, the next step is to restore the sanity of thinking and behavior into his mind.

Psychic therapies may help.  You may have to call the 1-800-273-TALK (8255) which is the national suicide helpline. They can offer emotional support and make him feel comfortable. The most complex feelings of suicidal tendencies could be gentleness, irritation, and discontentment in life.

These feelings may not go away like magic since it has taken years to accumulate them in his mind. The first thing you need to ensure is his comfort and sanity in thinking. With the help of emotional support, it is possible to make him see life as a gift with plenty of opportunities.

3.   Give Him Hope for Now and Future

Hope is the most invisible and powerful thread that can rekindle life and pull out a person from the darkness of suicidal tendencies. For this, you may have to narrate the practical experience of people who have come out of hopeless conditions.

Arranging for a meeting with a person who attempted suicide and survived by the grace of higher power is something you can do to help him. Just like addiction and alcoholism, suicidal thoughts have the power to grow progressively over time. You may never know when or why he may press the panic buttons again.

A person who has gone through all the hell of a life and gone all the way till the end can relate better with your friend than anyone else in this world. Let them share their experiences and your friend can and will come out of the depression sooner or later.

4.   Follow Up and Follow Through Consistently

Keep in touch with your friend consistently for as long as you feel it is necessary. But make sure you don’t push yourself into his privacy too much and too often. You can keep observing his social media chats and his behavioral patterns. You can ask his family to keep you informed regularly about his changing symptoms.

5.   Give Him the Gift of Unconditioned Compassion

Don’t confuse compassion with sympathy, because he may detest being an object of observation and treatments. Somehow you need to convince him to speak with the psychologist or the anti-suicide specialists who can handle the situations professionally. Once you and his family accept him as he is without any conditions and give him true compassion, he may wish to live long enough to make his life fruitful and purposeful once again. Recovery always begins with unconditioned compassion and love for life and faith in the higher power.

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