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Our Staff

Dr. Lindsay Israel – Director of Psychiatric Services

Dr. Israel’s Approach to Medicine:

As a physician, a woman, and a mother, I understand completely the difficulty and sometimes even hesitation about seeking treatment for yourself or your child. I believe in honesty with my patients, regarding diagnosis and treatment options, so that my patients can make an informed decision for themselves. I want my patients and parents to be part of the decision making, and the only way to achieve that is by educating patients on risks, benefits and alternatives of treatment.

I want my patients to feel empowered, because a lot of times, their symptoms leave them feeling powerless and hopeless. One of my most important roles as a psychiatrist is to instill hope for my patients, hope which has been robbed of them. Depression and anxiety are very treatable conditions, and now with cutting edge technology, such as TMS, we have even more viable treatment options for patients who have struggled just as much with side effects of conventional treatments as they have with the symptoms, effecting their ability to function.

I believe my other most important job as a psychiatrist, is to return patients back to function, whether as a homemaker, a business owner, a hard-working employee, a spouse or a parent. This is how I would want to be treated, with honesty, dignity and compassion, and this is how I promise to treat all of my patients.

Dr. Muhammad K. Syed – CEO/CMO

Hasna Jabr – Director of Operations

TMS Therapy in South Florida

Our TMS Technicians:

Saleema – Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified TMS Treater

Sarojini – Certified TMS Treater

Miraclide – Certified Phlebotomist, Certified TMS Treater

Rachel – Certified TMS Treater

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